Newsletter July 2016

Whetstone Stray Allotments Newsletter July 2016

July Newsletter


Stag Beetle sighting!

The male stag beetle in the picture was found on Field 3, by Charles (age 9). This is very exciting, because Stag beetles are an endangered species. If you are lucky enough to see one, please don’t move it. Take a picture if you can, and log it with the People’s Trust for Endangered Species, which also has lots of information about them, such as that males like this only live for a few weeks while they search for a mate. Click here to record your sighting at the stag hunt survey.

2016 June Site Inspection
On the walk around the site, the Committee met plot holders Hasan and Charlie on their plots. Charlie had an abundance of all the traditional vegetables we expect to see in June, such as potatoes, broad beans and onions, while Hasan’s bounteous crops included masses of coriander, basil and dill. What’s their advice? Both of them said how important it is to prepare through the winter, then sow and plant early. We know that the weather has been really wet and sad, for the last few months, but the winter was mild and dry, so they were ready.

Everyone Welcome
Like most allotment sites in the UK, our’s would not survive without the input of plot holders from Europe and around the world. The Committee values and appreciates every member of our community.

There was a delivery in June. Les Coupland, who has been very active in making improvements to the Trading Hut, needs to hand over the management of shop orders to another plot holder. Orders are usually made two or three times a year. If you would like to take on this role, please get in touch.

Thank you to Lester and Peter, who both volunteered to be available to help with deliveries.

Calling all First Aiders
We are currently updating our list of First Aiders on site. If you are a trained First Aider or medical professional, and you are willing to provide First Aid when you are on site, please let us know. We are happy to say that no accidents have been reported so far this year. Please be careful, and check that your plot and surrounding area is safe.

School visit
In June, Stephanie brought a small group of children to draw and learn about wild flowers and bees on our site.

Talk about Bees
Nighat is planning to give a talk about bees in the Trading Hut this Summer.

Thank you
To John and Janet, for planting out pumpkins on the Community Plot.

Froglife Survey
You may remember the visit from Froglife, a voluntary organisation that promotes knowledge of amphibians and their habitat. They have sent a request for anyone who attended the talk or took part in the walk around the site, to complete a short survey. Please get in touch if you would like to take part, and we will forward the email link to the survey.

Tips for July 2016
For all those plot holders, who have lost a lot of their early sowings to slugs, keep going, sow some more … it might stop raining soon.

The rain has been good for potatoes, so if you haven’t already, dig up your first earlies now.

Recipe for Slug Killer
Angela got in touch to pass on a top tip for slug traps:
It turns out Brewer’s yeast in water is just as good as lager but only after a day of fermenting. Day one: I caught nothing significant but day two loads! And it’s the cheapest option for sure!

Bonfires are allowed on the first Wednesday of the month: Wednesday 6th July, after 4pm.