Newsletter November 2016

Whetstone Stray Allotments Newsletter November 2016

November Newsletter


Annual General Meeting 20th November

We look forward to seeing everyone at the AGM.

Please get in touch if you have any proposals – proposals so far include: glyphosate ban; speed limit signs; anti-social behaviour policy.

Full Agenda and proxy forms will be sent out in a separate email.

The date of the next rubbish collection will also be announced at the AGM.

Bonfire Party
Thanks to Sean Elliott, there will be a bonfire with hot food and mulled wine, after the AGM.

Sean plans a vege winter broth, maybe also a spicy sweet potato soup from donated veg, so please bring some vegetables to add to the pot, e.g: Sweet potato, onion, garlic, chilli and leeks, turnip/swede, carrots, parsnips, etc.

The water will be turned off on Wednesday 2nd November
The water is turned off when it gets cold/ risk of frost, to reduce the risk of burst pipes in Winter. Please leave the taps alone, until Spring when we will let you know when it is turned back on.

If you see a leaking pipe or tap, get in touch urgently to report it. It helps to save Les’ number in your phone : 07957 388 033

Working Party
Lester, Siobhan, Allison, Sean, Ann, Charlotte, Cathal, Brigid, Les, Elspeth and Matthew worked together to cut back the vegetation along the far end of field 3, which has prevented cars and vans driving down to the final parking and turning point for as long as anyone can remember. After a couple of hours work, Les was able to drive his transit all the way down, to collect some of the 8 builders’ bags of arisings.

Plot holders on Field 3 are asked to use the drive, and continue to maintain it in a drivable state, in order to reduce the isolation of this part of the site, and enable deliveries and rubbish collection.

Special thanks to Elspeth, who continued to pick up rubbish in the area, after lunch – thank you also to Lester’s bees for the delicious honey we enjoyed at lunch.

Apple Day
Pictures of this year’s Apple Day, using our new crusher and press, are on the website. The Community Plot group (Mencap), are looking forward to making apple juice on a rainy day, when we are not able to work outside.

Nighat’s Bee talk
For those of you who missed Nighat’s talk about bees and bee keeping, she has kindly produced a synopsis which is on the website (currently in the News section it will be moved to Member Contributions soon). She has included information and links regarding bee hotels: Get your Bee Saver Kit

Many thanks to Aaron for the new photos on the website
Please get in touch with any contributions or ideas for the website.

Safety warning
Please be wary of opportunist thieves. We recently had an incident where a handbag was taken from a vehicle as someone was locking the gate leaving the site.

Do not leave possessions on display, engines running, car doors open, etc, just in case this happens again, although we have been told it was an isolated incident.

Bonfires are now allowed at any time.

The shop is now closed.

Jacquie’s tips for November
Don’t abandon your plot just because the clocks have gone back!

Remove perennial weeds, but do not work on the ground if it is too wet.

Tie in soft fruit canes.

It is not too late to plant onion sets, garlic, and broad beans and peas.

The work you do throughout the Winter, will bring its reward next Spring.

News from BAF
Congratulations to Gordon Road Allotments who have won Tesco’s Bags of Help, and now need our help to ensure that they win as much as possible to improve disabled access to the site and community facilities.

You can help by voting in-store at Tesco’s for them, the top vote is awarded £12,000, 2nd place gets £10,000 and third place £8,000.

As like minded citizens who enjoy growing your own fruit and vegetables, we are asking Whetstone Stray Allotees Association members to vote for us in Tesco’s Barnet stores from 31st October to 13th November 2016 to help to secure the maximum award.

Thank you in anticipation of your support

With Kind regards

Liz Thomson (Finchley Horticultural Society)