Newsletter December 2016

Whetstone Stray Allotments Newsletter December 2016

December Newsletter


Thank you from the Community Plot Group

Thank you to everyone who came to the AGM, it was a very active meeting. The 2016 AGM Minutes are available in the Members area of this website.

Community Plot fund raising
A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has already donated through SeedMoney for our Community Plot, or taken compost to the plot.

If you have not yet had a chance to make a donation, you can do so until December 15th:

Royal Mencap Society Event
Royal Mencap Society are holding an end of project event for the Community Plot on Thursday 1st December. If you have been involved with the making of the Community Plot, either through taking part in the Big Dig in April, or through donating to SeedMoney, you are welcome to drop in on the event between 1pm and 3pm, freshly made apple juice will be served.

Key Change
Please get in touch if you were one of the people who paid your rent on the day we forgot to bring the new keys! We will find time to change the lock this month!

Bonfire Party
Many thanks to Sean, this event was great, with fantastic home made soup (Thai sweet potato and Winter broth), delicious mulled wine and mince pies. Special thanks to Dave, who donated fireworks to make the party go with a bang! This is the second year we have held a bonfire party, and it has rapidly become a site tradition.

Bonfires are now allowed at any time. Piles of dry wood can attract hedgehogs and other hibernating animals, so please rebuild your fire before lighting.

Please be considerate of our neighbours when lighting fires.

Rubbish Collection
The date of the next rubbish collection is: Sunday 11th December.

The rubbish is collected by truck, which will arrive at around mid-day on Sunday. You can put your rubbish out from Saturday 10th December.

Please take your rubbish to the top of each path, where it can be easily collected by the truck as it goes along the main drive.

Please try to separate metals and other materials, if possible.

This also a good time to tidy up any rubbish you find in your field’s car parking area and boundaries.

No compostable or burnable materials are allowed.

If you have any questions, contact Les on : 07957 388 033

Another Compost Delivery!!!
Many thanks to Dorothy, who ordered a delivery of compost from Ecopark which will arrive on Friday 16th December. As ever, we ask that you make make charitable donations for this service. You can either donate $1.00 to SeedMoney for every TWO barrows you take for yourself OR donate 50p to the North London Hospice for EVERY barrow you take for yourself (you can do this at the Trading Hut).

Alternatively, please take ONE barrow to the Community Plot for EVERY barrow you take for yourself (put it on the pile on the right at the top of the plot).

Working Parties
There won’t be time for any working parties this month, but we will get together in early January, to detox from Christmas, with some healthy outdoor activity.

Merry Christmas, everyone!