Newsletter January 2017

Whetstone Stray Allotments Newsletter January 2017

January Newsletter


Cartoon by John Ferdinand

Key Change
The gate padlock has now been changed. Many thanks to Peter Gordon for getting the chain welded. If you don’t have the new key, please get in touch to arrange to collect one. The first opportunity will be on Thursday 12th January, or next weekend.

Community Plot Update
Thank you to everyone who donated to SeedMoney, or took compost to the plot. We raised $243.00 (about £180), which will be used to develop the plot in the coming year.

The sessions with Mencap, which ran from October to December, were really successful. Royal Mencap Society funded all materials and tools used during this time, and held an event which was attended by two local newspapers.

Many thanks to Rik, who put up the gate with help from Marco. Thanks also to Vanya and Dave for work done on the plot.

Sessions will start again in late February when the weather allows. Please get in touch if you would like to volunteer to help prepare the plot before the group returns.

If you did not have an opportunity to donate for compost, you can donate when the Trading Hut is open – you can choose whether to donate to the local Hospice or the Community Plot.

Bonfires are now allowed at any time. Piles of dry wood can attract hedgehogs and other hibernating animals, so please rebuild your fire before lighting.

Please be considerate of our neighbours when lighting fires.

Working Party
There will be a Working Party on Sunday 22nd January, to continue doing all those jobs that are needed to get our site ready for the Spring, including putting in a 5 mph speed limit sign (as agreed at AGM). We will meet at 10.30am, and finish with a delicious lunch. Everyone is welcome.

Tips for January
Keep coming to the plot! This is a wonderful time of year for bird watching, and for tackling jobs like digging out bramble, tidying up and winter pruning – watch out for a Winter Pruning Workshop next month.

Happy New Year!