We have a wonderful allotment site and we all enjoy spending time in the fresh air and sunshine (and rain). However, it takes a lot of effort from many individuals to keep the site in tip top condition.

We ask all our plot holders to do 3 hours of communal work to share in the up keep of this great resource, please let us know what you can do to help, we have many activities that you can take part in to make Whetstone Stray one of the best allotment sites in Barnet.

The shop in the Trading Hut sells compost, manure, canes, weed control matting and lots of other useful things at reasonable prices from 10 -12 every Sunday during Spring and Summer. Only half of Barnet allotments have their own shop because of a lack of volunteers, so please help to keep our shop open by signing up to do a session or two this year. You won’t be left on your own, and it’s a great way to meet your fellow plotholders, swap growing tips and advice, and contribute to the management of our site.