London Freedom Seed Bank : Community Plot Seed Saving Project 2018

 We are pleased to announce that our Community Plot will be one of the 2018 seed saving sites for the London Freedom Seed Bank.

Plot holders Les & Brigid attended the first training day on 03/02/2018, and will be doing more training to ensure that the Community Plot Seed Saving Project is compliant with good seed saving practice.

The London Freedom Seed Bank only saves open pollinated seeds (not F1 varieties).  Open pollinated seeds stay true to type and as they can be saved and sown over many generations, they develop to suit local conditions.

For more information on the London Freedom Seed Bank:

Plot holders and volunteers who want to know more, please get in touch with Les: 07957 388033

If you want to start saving seed now, here is the method for fermenting tomato seeds

More info about the London Freedom Seed Bank: